Software Engineering

With the focus on providing seamless user experience, BICL build custom solutions that will help you to automate your organization processes while considering closely the specifics of your company or sector. We provide a range of custom software engineering services and solutions. This service ranges from simple web design, to complex web-based software and mobile application.



Educational Technology

"Technology will not replace great teachers but technology in the hands of great teachers can be transformational." - George Couros
We have invested a lot of time in researching the field of Educational technology, with the aim to support meaningful integration of technology into learning experience. Our success has led to the development of a rich and comprehensive learning management system which has also been integrated to through a partnership.


Art Consultancy

With passion and love for Art, BICL provides platform ( for artists to reach buyers and celebrate Nigerian artists. We also provide comprehensive art advising and services to private collectors and corporate clients. We have also successfully collaborated with communities in organizing art fair (see Ota Art Fair)