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1st of October is a remarkable day in the history of Nigeria.

By ben 08-Jan-2022

Are we going to celebrate today in darkness again? NEPA how far! Giant of Africa can’t boast of constant power supply.

When we talk of corruption, we are quick to point accusing fingers at those in government, occupying one political office or the other; well, we all know that they are as corrupt as the danfo (commercial) bus driver, that strip off his vehicle removing all the cushion chairs and other comfortable items from the bus so that he can make more money at the expense and comfort of the citizens, I swear those ‘Pako’ (should I say bench and stool) in the Lagos busses are killing if you don’t have fat in you bottom to make up for the dry hard woods they call chair couple with the long traffic jam.

And, every now and then we have this guys in uniform, always quick to bullying citizen whom they should be protecting, brutalizing your fellow citizen just because you know that they can’t afford to defend their right should be a serious crime, but this is more or less celebrated here, this is why the ‘bloody civilian’ phrase will continue to trend…. And of lately I have lost counts of the number of uniforms disturbing the public peace with siren, if you think hard enough you will also notice that the civil defense guys may be doing some police jobs and everything gets messed up at the end, may be this is why they fight each sometimes.

It also hurt me, that the ratio of a policeman to a citizen is 1:200, that is for every 200 Nigerian lives we have one policeman the protect them, but of lately I have been seeing foreigners having one or two MOPOL attached to them to bully or brutalize the common Nigerian citizens. This may be the reason why we call them expatriates when they are here and they call us immigrants or worst illegal immigrants when we stray to their country.

You may call my ranting, rubbish or baseless; but the truth is there on the stress of Lagos to Benin, from Onitsha to Maiduguri and every other nook and cranny; from our universities to governments agencies, the towns to the villages.

Who is going to fix Nigeria?

When will Nigerian lives matter?

When are we going to have constant power supply?

I love my country.

Happy independent day, Nigeria!


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