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Learn PHP Here

By ben 08-Jan-2022

I will be teaching PHP in this forum, first is the table of content.

  1. Introduction to PHP and Setting up your development environment

  2. PHP Syntax, Case Sensitive, Comment, Variables, print/echo

  3. Data types (String, Integer, Float or double, Boolean, Array, Object)

  4. Operators (Arithmetic, Assignment, Comparison, Increment/Decrement, Logical and String)

  5. Control structures (If...else...elseif, Loops [While Loop, For Loop, Foreach Loop, Break/Continue])

  6. Built-in functions and custom functions

  7. Arrays

  8. Form handling and Validation

  9. Creating MySQL database and tables

  10. Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete record using PHP

  11. Mini Blog Project

  1. Admin login, Create Categories, posts topics/upload picture, manage posts, manage users

  2. User Registrations, receive email notification, login, profile, logout, forgot password, comment on topics

  1. Deploying or hosting the project to the internet



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