Although the TITLE tag may be the only visible tag in the HEAD tag, but they are other important tag that can be on the HEAD, one of such tag is the META tag, that specify the description and keywords that makes your website friendly for Search engines such Google search, yahoo search, ask and others to easily find your website on the internet.
Below is an example of what a META tag looks like:
   <TITLE> Website title here </TITLE>
   <META NAME="Keywords" content="html, css, tutorial, xhtml,
   javascript, programming">
   <META NAME="Description" content=" Web Application">

As I said earlier, the META tags are not visible when you preview your webpage; they only enhance your website accessibility by the Search engines.
Now let’s look at the second section of the tag, which is the BODY tag
You remember in English language, letter writing, you are taught that the body of the letter is where you discuss the main point or probably pour out your mind. Same is truth with the HTML BODY.
The body is the area that display all the attractive stuff you see on the web browser main windows, this include colorful text, pictures, links and others.
In the last example we have just some scanty text in the body, as shown below.

Website content here

this shows the text in the body of the browser. See below


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