The internet and the web

Some people still don’t know the difference between this two, simply put it this way; the internet is a international channel thought which web make’s it information available to the world , although the web is not the only resources transported via the internet although it is the biggest and most talked about, others include email using , etc, hey! Do you know that Microsoft outlook (a desktop application, communicating via the internet) is still widely use to send and receive email in some corporate places although the web-based version such as yahoo mail is more popular.

By the way: some web such as web-based application may not require the internet but intranet or local network, if its users are within, let’s say the same office or within the same computer, in this case we say the user computer is hosting the server where the web-based stuff resides, we will discuss more about this thing called server and how to related to web in the next chapter (Architecture of the web).

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