Web Design and Software Development

With the focus on providing seamless user experience, BICL build custom solutions that will help you to automate your organization processes while considering closely the specifics of your company or sector. We provide a range of custom software engineering services and solutions. This service ranges from simple web design, to complex web-based software and mobile application.

Software Development

Our software projects. Contact us (08037490533) if you need any of these or customized software...

Learning Management Software (LMS)

National Education Management System (NEMS)

NEMS provide cutting edge EdTech. solutions, such as Learning Management Software (LMS) and Programming Classes.

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Inventory Managment Software

BICL Inventory Managment System

This inventory software provides a simple but comprehensive solution for managing small to medium store and warehouse. From sales order, purchase order, warehouse and rich reporting.

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Microfinance Software

BICL Microfinance Software

Create customer account, deposit, withdrawal and loan. Generate all kinds of reports

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Computer Based Test

This is a Computer Based Test (CBT) software developed by us, populated with some sample questions. You can register here then login to take the test.

Website Design

Some of our recent website projects. Contact us (08037490533) for any web design and development project




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Fine Art

My works are mostly influenced by the traditional Igbo Uli design as well as the vastness and complexity of human imagination. Igbo culture is very rich and an inexhaustible source of inspiration to me. It can come in the form of past or historic Igbo tradition, language, architecture, religion, people to today’s technology and everything that connects or relates with the way we lived in the past, living in the present or shall live in the future. These subject matters are often the bases for my expression. My paintings and drawings are often in abstract form with complex symmetric lines, motifs and patterns. Some of these carry strong meanings drawn from the nsibidi and uli inscriptions, while others are pure imaginative expressions depicting the complexity and beauty of human mind.
Ben Onuorah
(Fine Artist, Computer Programmer and Educational Technologist)

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